Why do men have to pay support to their ex wife?

Answer Historically a man was always in a better financial position than his wife and he required the help of his wife to maintain that position. He could get employment that paid better than the customar... Read More »

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Does a non custodial parents wife pay child support?

Do They Go by My Wife's Income for Paying Child Support in Delaware?

Child support is less about how much a child needs and more about how much care his parents can afford. Delaware, for example, considers the costs of daycare and health care in calculating child su... Read More »

To support my wife I am thinking about following her diabetic diet with her - Is there any reason not to?

Her diabetic diet is a very health one so by all means do follow it. It would also help if you would take a nice long walk with her each and every day. Getting a few good cookbooks will also help... Read More »

Im deployed in support of OIF can I use my military ID and travel orders to enter the UK on leave to see my wife?

This is a question which really needs to be directed to the Judge Advocate General (who, in turn, would probably have to contact the British consulate in DC). Tentatively speaking, orders and an ID... Read More »