Why do meat eaters not have morals?

Answer This is the most ridiculous answer to a comment i have ever seen!According to your logic cannibalism is OK.Yeah how would you feel.You have no right to say that, vegetarians are twice as caring as ... Read More »

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Does eating meat mean you have no morals?

She's entitled to her opinion and if she finds your dead pig sandwich offensive, she has a right to make that known to you.I expect she didn't want little bits of dead pig spluttered all over her n... Read More »

Why do Meat eaters think that meat is 'healthy' and has 'many health benefits'?

I’m a vegetarian (because of they way animals are treated.) Please read my whole answer before ranking it. (Please don't thumbs down it for being long)Meat eaters eat meat because...It is a good ... Read More »

Am I the only one amused that meat eaters think we need to eat meat because of "canine teeth"?

Agreed. I think it is silly that people look to those biological things at all to make a decision.I see it like this: If I can lead a healthy life that does not include the pain, suffering, mutila... Read More »

Why do meat eaters get so angry when you ask them why they eat meat?

a vegetarian/vegan diet is a heathier one than a meat eating diet, even my doctor fully approves my vegan diet!i think meat eaters get angrier when asked about their diet because they know(or shoul... Read More »