Why do meat eaters get so angry when you ask them why they eat meat?

Answer a vegetarian/vegan diet is a heathier one than a meat eating diet, even my doctor fully approves my vegan diet!i think meat eaters get angrier when asked about their diet because they know(or shoul... Read More »

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Why do meat eaters always bring up thier teeth when trying to argue that humans are supposed to eat meat?

We do NOT have teeth designed to eat meat. If you want to see teeth designed to eat meat, look at the teeth of a cat or dog. Meat eaters seem to think their teeth are designed to chew meat, but ... Read More »

Do meat eaters not realize how shallow they sound when they bash vegetarians?

No and they don't realise how stupid they sound either!Top 5 Meat-eater excuses.1) If God didn't want us to eat animals why did he make them out of meat ? (He made them out of flesh and some buffoo... Read More »

What do the meat-eaters think when they read this?

I'm a vegetarian. I think that some things that harm our environment are out of our hands, but we still can do something for our planet. Humans have harmed the Earth more in the past 100 years than... Read More »

Why do Meat eaters think that meat is 'healthy' and has 'many health benefits'?

I’m a vegetarian (because of they way animals are treated.) Please read my whole answer before ranking it. (Please don't thumbs down it for being long)Meat eaters eat meat because...It is a good ... Read More »