How old do you have to be to choose what parent to live with if you live in Australia?

Answer I am not sure about Australia, but in the US judges will take into consideration the request.This usually goes along with the kids desire to live with a parent, If the child appears to be genuine i... Read More »

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Where are watch live All Blacks vs Australia Live Direct TV?

Want to get my P's from WA or NSW but I live in Australia?

Is australia good place to live?

1) A stable (politically, economically etc) both internally and externally. By that I mean we're democratic, we don't have coups etc but we're also not out there starting wars left right and centr... Read More »

Dammit! Why is the deep-fried McRib only available in Australia?

Because all the overbearing health-censors in the U.S. won't let us enjoy delicious, fatty food (e.g. McDonald's good ol' fries cooked in animal fat, Super Size value meals, King Size candy bars et... Read More »