Why do many computer users hate Vista so much.?

Answer Vista uses too much of your hardware resource while running (too many background processes). The background processes suppose to help users access to many areas of interest, but it drag the speed ... Read More »

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Why do people that are actually computer smart hate Vista so much?

Vista has some compatibility issues with certain hardware. It wouldn't recognize my printer until I got a patch, for instance. But I think that Vista has come a long way, and while not quite as sta... Read More »

How to Share Documents Between Users in Vista?

Windows Vista allows you to share files and folders between users, both on the same computer and across a network. To share documents between different users, you must set up sharing permissions or... Read More »

Will Yahoo Messenger 8.1 allow Vista users to use a web cam?

Yahoo Messenger 8.1 enables enhanced video calling for premium users with the Microsoft operating systems, including Windows Vista. The messenger also enables Yahoo video chat in chat rooms and vid... Read More »

XP Users: So after all this time, are you sticking with XP or moving over to Vista?

I still use XP. XP is just so streamlined and optimized right now. I get great performance in games/apps/browsing. BUT, When it first came out though, it was plagued with issues.The same is happ... Read More »