Why do many Asian people like taking pictures so much -- eg Taiwanese. Japanese?

Answer I'm married to a Taiwanese woman. We always have this problem: - I want to take a wonderful landscape shot of the mountains and forrests - she wants to be right in the middle of it with her 'v sig... Read More »

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Which Hana Kimi is better Japanese or Taiwanese?

Simple Japanese cooking I'd love to cook Japanese food and their are asian stores/international market around?

Stock soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin (which is just a sweet sake, so you can substitute sake and sugar) in your shelf all the time because these four ingredients are indispensable for Japanese c... Read More »

Looking for a digital camera, less than $250, great for taking pictures of PEOPLE?

I have a Canon PowerShot digital camera, which I like but I feel is overpriced. I bought my sister-in-law a Casio Elixim zoom last year for her birthday and it takes REALLY good pictures. You know ... Read More »

CSI Miami Episode I saw a episode that a person taking pictures of CSI People The person didn't tell police what he was working for Then Jesse got took and the next day unknown people released him?