Why do makes food ?

Answer D o h !nuts bananabanana nut !

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What food makes you say "yuk"?

saurkraut.i love cabbage in any other form, but saurkraut is just terrible.

Who makes NutriSystem food?

NutriSystem food is made and packaged by the NutriSystem company, based in Horsham, Pennsylvania. NutriSystem is a diet system where you pick a plan and your meals and they are sent to you. Everyth... Read More »

What makes up food coloring?

Food colorings are additives found in foods, drinks and nutritional supplements. Food colorings add pigment to food products to make them look more attractive. They can be derived from natural sour... Read More »

What is one food that makes you say "yuck"?

Lima Beans. My stomach turns just thinking about them.