Why do mainstream medical personal in this section always ask for proof !..?

Answer Good question, since whenever proof is offered they reject or ignore it.By and large, most studies are conducted on patentable items that can controlled and profitted from. The only FDA approved me... Read More »

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Who do you always recognize in this section?

I recognize you!! =]And YES, lol, some Troll got me!! I also recognize Avas Mommy, Poppys Mama, Coltens Mama, Daniels Mommy, Bec ~ Lucys' Mum, Atlas_Junkie, ... and tons of others.I actually recog... Read More »

Do you think it would save time if Answers put this at the top of the page in the medical section?

Excellent suggestion sweetie. I have to admit it does become a bit tiresome having to repeat the same answer 50x daily. The Pill one always floors me; I can't understand why a) they don't listen to... Read More »

I wonder what the mainstream medicine apologists have to say about this story?

I worked at a major cancer hospital and you would be shocked, angered, and appalled at what I have seen pharmaceutical reps do - and get away with - to get their product promoted. It's all a big r... Read More »

How do i alter the memo section of a personal check?

Write Personal MessageInscribe a personal message on the memo line of your personal check using a pen with dark ink. This can be a great addition to a check written to a friend or family member. Wr... Read More »