Why do little kids have to die?

Answer Religion says we can't know or shouldn't ask or it's all part of a plan we don't know about. Truth is, you are born and you die. Some early, some not soon enough. Life is a dart board and we don't ... Read More »

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What was the name of the 1980's kids tv show where a man sat at a desk with his little dog and gave away toys to little kids in the audience?

Why do people with little money have foster kids?

You get money from the government when you agree to raise foster a child. Some people have sick, ulterior motives.

Did hernan Cortes have any of his own siblings when he was younger did he have a sister or a brother or both. I know he had kids but I need to know if he had a sister or brother when he was little.?

It depend on how turned on he is, what method of stimulation is being used, how long it has been since the last ejaculation, the age and experange of the male " older guys can uasuly refrain from c... Read More »

Anybody have or had sezuires that got kids i really want to have kids?

A good friend of mine has epilepsy, it didn't stop her from having two perfectly healthy and supercute kids. Just talk to your doctor about it.