Why do lemons and limes taste sour?

Answer If you've ever bitten into a lemon or lime, your first reaction was probably to make a face and exclaim, "It's sour!" There's a reason for this: citric acid.LemonsLemon juice is almost 5 percent ci... Read More »

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Experiments With Lemons and Limes?

Parents and educators know the importance of bringing the classroom into the home. With a few household objects, parents can become the teachers and watch their children grasp new knowledge and gro... Read More »

Do limes turn into lemons?

Though similar in taste and chemical composition, limes and lemons are entirely different fruit and one does not turn into the other. Lemons are usually yellow and limes are usually green. However,... Read More »

How to Freeze Lemons & Limes?

Lemons and limes are both tropical citrus fruits that originated in Southeast Asia. They are mostly grown in subtropical climates, including the states of California and Florida. Both fruits are hi... Read More »

Why don't limes have seeds like lemons?

Lemons and limes are two closely related and commonly found citrus fruits but they have some key differences in terms of how they are grown, the types that are found most often, and the presence of... Read More »