Scientific Reasons for Why Leaves Change Color in Fall?

Answer As the air gets cooler and the nights grow longer, deciduous trees reach the end of their growing season and get ready for their annual display of fall foliage. These seasonal changes in temperatur... Read More »

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Why Some Trees Leaves Turn From Green to a Different Color and Then Fall to the Ground?

Many take it for granted that leaves on trees discolor in the fall and defoliate from tree branches without taking the time to understand why they do so. It's not just out of simple curiosity that ... Read More »

Why do Drosera leaves change color?

What you are seeing is the maturation phase of the plant.As with the sunworts and Venus Flytraps of North America, sundews multiple by sending off "runners" that set root some distance away from th... Read More »

What color do beech tree leaves change to?

Beech tree leaves typically change to a shade of yellowish-green or golden brown in autumn, according to the “National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees.” The Ohio Department of Natural Reso... Read More »

Why do my public hairs change color in fall?