Why do lawn mowers and appliances such as vacuum cleaners make so much noise?

Answer So the deaf have something to complain about too.

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What is the overpowering smell from new electical appliances like washers and vacuum cleaners?

The odour is mainly paint and insulation drying out from the warmth of the appliance when it is running for the first few times. Also, if the appliance includes an electric motor with brushes runn... Read More »

The decade vacuum cleaners radios washing machines and other home appliances became popular?

What is the weighted means price of a retailer selling 50 vacuum cleaners at 90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at 140?

Answer "Eutectic" refers to a mixture or alloy that has the lowest possible melting / freezing point. In a true eutectic solution, all its consituents move from solid state to liquid and vice versa... Read More »

Is there vacum cleaners that make no noise?