How to Get Your Cat to Purr?

Answer Happy CatWe've all had times when we just wanted to hear our cat purr. It's a lovely sound that's unique to our felines. Unfortunately, this can't always happen on cue when we ask for it. Here's so... Read More »

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How to Wean Kittens?

Like most mammals, kittens begin life by consuming only mother's milk. At a young age, they must learn to eat solid food. This transition from liquid food to solid food is called weaning. Under mos... Read More »

How to Trap a Cat & Her Kittens?

With careful planning and preparation, trapping a mother cat and her kittens isn't as difficult as it sounds. And getting the cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated and then returning them to their ou... Read More »

Can kittens get pyoderma?

Pyoderma is a bacteria skin disease that causes inflammation and lesions. It is usually found in dogs and only rarely in cats. While kittens can get pyoderma, it is more likely their skin lesions... Read More »

How to Buy Kittens Online?

In this article you will learn some ways to take care of a kitten and some steps on how to get a kitten. Please do read on if you are looking into buying a kitten.