Why do kids drop out of college?

Answer Going to college can be a shocker for kids in many ways--financially, socially and academically. Together, these factors can create an overwhelming situation, resulting in a high college drop-out r... Read More »

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Grants for college My husband wants to go to college. We have 3 kids, so it's hard for me to work.?

It may or may not be possible on the college grants because they are based on the income of the prior tax income filing, savings, marital status, and total members in the family. For example, if he... Read More »

How to Drop a College Class?

To successfully complete a college course, you must fulfill all of the professor's curriculum requirements and receive a passing grade. If you are not doing well in a class or cannot complete it fo... Read More »

Alternative Assignments for College Essay for Kids Not Going to College?

Many high school juniors or seniors are required to compose college essays as part of their English classes. According to The College Board, which operates the SAT, college essays "evaluate your pr... Read More »

Kids Who Work That Go to College Vs. Kids Who Don't?

Nearly half of all full-time undergraduates work during the school year. For many students, whether or not to work during college is not a choice they have the luxury of making. A growing number of... Read More »