Why do kids cry when they wake up?

Answer Well, 5.56% is having nightmares, or not feeling safe. But if you are talking about babies they would wake up because of nightmares, not felling safe, scared of the dark or hungry.

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I can't wake up in the mornings, my alarm doesnt even wake me, any suggestions?

get an extra loud sells some...

If I go to bed at 11 and wake up at 8 I'm ussually fine but if I go to bed at 2 and wake up at 11 I'm tired as?

When you wake up at 8 is it because you're preparing for school vs waking up at 11 on a weekend? It could be because your morning rituals on weekdays compared to weekends are different. Lets say y... Read More »

Has anyone sent their kids to Kids r Kids, Katy at Westheimer prkw Or any Kids r Kids scholl?

We have a few here in Central child never attended, but I did visit the school several times to consider it and it seemed to be a really good program.

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