Why do kids cry when they wake up?

Answer Well, 5.56% is having nightmares, or not feeling safe. But if you are talking about babies they would wake up because of nightmares, not felling safe, scared of the dark or hungry.

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Why do some people feel tired when they wake up even after they have got enough sleep?

Your body goes through sleep cycles, and if you wake up during the stages of deep sleep, you may feel groggy because your body wasn't "ready" to wake up - as opposed to waking up during REM sleep, ... Read More »

Can you wake someone up when they took a sleeping pill?

Yes, it may be harder than normal though. Sleeping Pills make them sleep faster and getting a deeper REM. They don't knock people out cold.

Agree or disagree: The home you raise your kids in is the home they strive to create when they leave?

Agree.Here is the sad part . . . even when it WAS a BAD HOME . . . we still re-create it subconsciously.Children born into alcoholic homes, with abuse . . .tend to grow up to be alcoholics, or marr... Read More »

What do 12-year-old kids do when they are sad?

Answer Twelve year old people are at a point in life where their body is changing, that includes their mind, thoughts and emotions. They are learning things about themselves and life, and literall... Read More »