Why cant Jewish people enter Lebanon ?

Answer because Lebanese people thinks are Jews are like Israeli's but they aren't the jewish people that I met ( in Australia) are great.

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Do Jewish people have baby showers?

Jewish tradition calls for parents to wait until after a baby is born to have a baby shower. When the tradition first started, there were many more miscarriages and stillborn births, and it was bel... Read More »

Did the Nazis put Jewish people in ovens?

Why do jewish people wear yarmulkes?

The yarmulke, often pronounced "yammica," is among the most distinct Jewish items. Yarmulkes are worn by different sects of Judaism, including the Yeshivahs, Orthodoxes and Harav Kooks.HistoryThe y... Read More »

What is the minimum number of Jewish men required for a synagogue?

In order to hold a Torah service, a quorum of 10 men is needed. This is called a minyan. Jewish people can pray anywhere; however; a synagogue is a good place to gather the minyan. The Torah is the... Read More »