Will they ever have a Jewish wedding on four weddings?

Answer If they do, 4 chuppahs will be needed.

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I have to ask...Why are people asking how to break their arms/legs/ankles?

I suppose everyone needs a hobby. Self-mutilation is not something terribly new. Ask any psychologist.

Why do people break up their ramen blocks before they cook them?

Because they are f*cking insane!It's delicious as one giant noodle.:)

Fake jewish actors: why are all these young actors emphasizing their 3% jewish heritage on wikipedia?

Jewish law says that for a person to be considered Jewish their mother MUST be Jewish, or have some Jewish heritage; simply having a Jewish father isn't enough.As for these people go around faking ... Read More »

Why dont more people use wikipedia to answer their questions?

wikipedia is unreliable. but then again, so is y!a... but the advantage of y!a is that if multiple people say the same thing its probably correct...