Why do jars break in pressure canners?

Answer Pressure canning saves money by allowing a gardener to preserve foods from her garden. Jars can break, though, if the proper precautions aren't taken.Old JarsAlthough canning jars can be reused, af... Read More »

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Are pressure canners not the same as pressure cookers?

On One Hand: Similarities Between Cookers and CannersPressure canners and pressure cookers work by sealing steam inside a pot and building up pressure. Under 15 lbs. of pressure, the boiling point... Read More »

Where are Mirro pressure canners manufactured?

During bankruptcy proceedings of Global Home Products, LLC in 2006, WearEver assets were acquired by the French company Groupe SEB. WearEver brands, including Mirro pressure canners and cookware pr... Read More »

When pressure canning, can I stack jars?

Jars may be stacked when canning in a large pressure canner. A rack made for your canner must be placed between the jars. You can purchase an additional rack to fit inside your canner, depending on... Read More »

Pounds of pressure to break a bone?

I have heard that the femur bone can take up to 1100 pounds per square inch of pressure before breaking.