Why do international students fail english tests?

Answer English as a second language (ESL) tests are often required to establish a one's English language proficiency. The tests are used in the workforce to enable proper job placement, and in schools to ... Read More »

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Why do students fail to learn English?

Whether they're speakers of another language trying to learn English or native speakers looking to master the concepts of grammar and academic writing, many students fail to learn English the first... Read More »

Do students that fail English classes have a higher rate of dropping out of school?

At least one study shows a correlation between failing English and dropping out of school. In a 2000 to 2005 study of students in Philadelphia, eighth graders with the following risk factors had a ... Read More »

Are there international students in Uk who have students loan from is an information website, you can't apply for loans through it - it can only tell you who to apply to.…And if you look at the applicat... Read More »

Why do students fail college courses?

While some students graduate college in four years, others can't even manage to cram four years of college into five. A student like this seems to fail no matter how hard he tries not to. What he p... Read More »