Why do insurance companies want to settle on disability claims?

Answer Many insurers wish to settle long term disability claims. This is especially true when the validity of the claim is clear, the likelihood of the insured returning to work is low, and the insured is... Read More »

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How to Settle With Insurance Companies for Car Injury Accidents?

Negotiating with insurance companies can be difficult but not impossible. In cases in which a large amount of money is at stake, it is worthwhile to hire an attorney to represent you. However, when... Read More »

Why do insurance companies use a UCR fee structure to pay claims?

Health plans that let patients use providers who are not under contract manage their costs by paying no more than what is Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR).Why?UnitedHealth Group President and ... Read More »

How far back do insurance companies keep claims records?

Major insurance companies use Credit Loss Underwriting Exchange, or CLUE, reports to review claims history. This information-sharing bureau keeps records for five years. Most CLUE reports are gener... Read More »

How much time is allowed for insurance companies to pay claims in Florida?

According to Florida attorney Philip DeBerard, there is no law specifying a time frame for settling insurance claims. However, upon reaching a settlement, the insurance company must pay within 20 d... Read More »