Why do insurance carriers charge extra money for bad credit?

Answer Although it seems odd because insurance policies do not involve loans, a poor credit history usually equates with a higher than average premium. There are some ways to avoid this, but improving you... Read More »

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How do I charge extra for credit card sales?

No SurchargesDo not add a surcharge to your credit card transaction. With all major credit card merchant agreements, retailers are forbidden from imposing surcharges on consumers who pay via credit... Read More »

Is it illegal to charge extra for paying with a credit card?

Yes and no. Merchants are legally allowed to offer lower prices to customer who opt to pay in cash, according to Credit Info Center. They cannot, however, pass payment network surcharges in several... Read More »

Is it legal for a company to charge extra for credit card purchases?

Ten states prohibit merchants from charging extra on credit card purchases. The states are Texas, Florida, California, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Kansas, Oklahoma, Connecticut and Colorado. If... Read More »

Should an insurance company charge extra for adding another vehicle?

Answer 1 Of course. They are insuring another vehicle. The second vehicle doubles the insurance company's exposure. Answer 2 The fact is that all [to my knowledge] insurance companies do requi... Read More »