Why do inkjet printer bleeds on art paper or something glossy?

Answer You cannot print on just any old glossy/fancy paper in an inkjet printer, you have to use glossy/fancy paper that is designed specifically for inkjet printers, and for the best results, paper desig... Read More »

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Does Inkjet matte paper use more ink than glossy paper?

Inkjet matte paper actually uses less ink than glossy paper because it is less dense and does not have the added chemicals and coatings of glossy paper. These chemicals and coatings decrease the ab... Read More »

Can you use glossy paper on a deskjet printer?

Yes. HP and Weyheuser have glossy paper for your Deskjet. I suggest Weyheuser. It is less expensive and works flawslessly. Set your printer to NORMAL and NOT BEST when you print on this paper. This... Read More »

What glossy paper to use on Hp 2510 printer series?

You will need to get a HP glossy paper or one by Weyheuser which is less expensive but does a great job in printing a nice photo. Just make sure to get the one for the laser printer or the paper wi... Read More »

Does the Epson Workforce 645 printer take glossy photo paper?

I. Think all the work forces do but I'm not 100% sure. I have an workforce and love it its great in ink and I use glossy paper.