Why do infants cry soon after birth?

Answer There are many reasons, and in fact they don't all cry. Historically, babies were slapped firmly on the butt to make them cry to clear the amniotic fluid out of their lungs and get them breathing. ... Read More »

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How soon can I get a birth certificate after birth in Arkansas?

After you file for a birth certificate through the Arkansas Department of Health, it can take four to six weeks for delivery. If you go in person to the Department of Health in Little Rock, you can... Read More »

Why baby cry soon after the birth?

Doctors slap the baby to make it cry (if it does not on it's own) to get the baby breathing.

How soon after birth control can you get pregnant?

The amount of time it takes to get pregnant after taking her final birth control pill varies for each woman. Some women can get pregnant as soon as week or two after ceasing birth control; others t... Read More »

How soon can you masturbate after giving birth?

Answer You can masturbate as soon as you feel comfortable to do so! Listen to your body and if you experience discomfort or pain then stop.  Masturbating is a good way to learn if you will be rea... Read More »