Why do infant babies smile in their sleep?

Answer There are many reasons why they smile, but I have always been told its because they are playing with angels.(Physiologically, infant smiles can be produced by a number of stimuli, the stereotypical... Read More »

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Why do infant babies smile in sleep?

Fetal Circulatory System The baby's circulatory system works differently when he's in the womb than it does after birth. During pregnancy, the mother's placenta transfers nutrients and highly oxyg... Read More »

Can babies sleep on their stomach?

Mummies who cuddle/cuddled their babies to sleep...?

Hmmm.... I still do this........ And he's 21 months old.Is that bad? LOLI don't care. I enjoy it. It's our snuggle time. :)

Should babies sleep in the same bed with their parents or share a crib with siblings?

Yes, we have shared our bed with each of our 4 kids for the first 2-3 years of their lives. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Contrary to what people often think, the child doesn't have a ... Read More »