Why do infant babies cry?

Answer there are many reasons. Maybe the infant must be feeling unwell or most commonly babies cry because they're hungry.

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Why do infant babies smile in sleep?

Fetal Circulatory System The baby's circulatory system works differently when he's in the womb than it does after birth. During pregnancy, the mother's placenta transfers nutrients and highly oxyg... Read More »

Why do infant babies smile in their sleep?

There are many reasons why they smile, but I have always been told its because they are playing with angels.(Physiologically, infant smiles can be produced by a number of stimuli, the stereotypical... Read More »

Isn't infant circumcision really LEGALIZED TORTURE OF BABIES?

Circumcision is always performed after the administration of some form of anaesthetic. The baby does not feel anything of the circumcision.Research has shown that circumcision provides very real a... Read More »

Can polio immunisation in a prematurely born infant cause the infant to be unable to walk?