Why do indoor plant leaves turn brown?

Answer Browning of leaves in houseplants is a common problem and usually a sign that your plant needs help. Because there are many causes, it may take a bit of detective work to identify the solution.Symp... Read More »

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What Causes Indoor Plant Leaves to Turn Brown?

Indoor plants provide several benefits to homes, offices and other enclosed areas. Not only do they provide an aesthetic appeal, but they also enhance the quality of the air by removing toxins and ... Read More »

Why do indoor plant leaves turn yellow?

Houseplants add beauty to any home. Proper care will allow the plants to live long, healthy lives, benefiting the interior environment and giving years of enjoyment to its caretaker and visitors al... Read More »

Why do indoor plant leaves turn white?

they turn white because there is no sunlight.the chloroplast gives the plants their color but without sunlight the chloroplast slowly in a way kinda fade and let other colors such as white show ins... Read More »

What do you do after the leaves turn brown on your plant?

It's likely you are overwatering the plant. Trim off the brown leaves and repot. If there is standing water or excessive dampness in the bottom of the pot, where the roots reside, back off on water... Read More »