Why do immigrants change their names?

Answer The story of immigrants coming to America and receiving a name change is a widespread one. In reality, this didn't happen nearly so often. However, it did happen in some cases, and some immigrants ... Read More »

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Can you give me the names of at least 50 herbal plants with their scientific names uses and procedures?

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Is it really necessary for adopted parents to change their adopted children's last names?

When you get adopted you become one of their family and cut the ties with your former family. Most adoptive children never sees their biological parents again so having a strangers last name would ... Read More »

Why do people get their own names tattooed on their bodies?

So, when they wind up dead in the Bronx, the cast of Law & Order can identify them before the first commercial break.[Person below: ...racist? How?]

Do immigrants have the right to change US laws?

Answer yes Legal Immigrants Who have become citizens can vote, be elected to about any government position except President, and become judges.