Why do i think about sex all the time?

Answer Haha yeah, I'd say it's just your hormones. Everybody going through puberty has those thoughts, it's normal. :)

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I'm 14, is it normal for me to think about sex all the time?

It is normal to think about sex a lot. Your body is going through changes and your hormones are a little crazy around the teenage years. You just have to be smart about everything you do. It's g... Read More »

DAYS>>>>What do you think about an Old time character is coming back?

I think it spells trouble with a capital T for Bo and Hope. We all know that Carly was one of Bo's first loves along with Billie who we thought was coming back but got into an accident so now we ar... Read More »

Do you think as time has gone on you've become more relaxed about parenthood?

Before I opened the question the first thing I thought was THE SOOTHER! LOL I remember distinctly sterilizing the poop out of the thing if it even got to close to the floor. That was with my son, w... Read More »

When you really think about it wasn't The Wizard Of Oz an amazing movie years ahead of it's time?

yes i would agree, The Wizard of Oz is a movie that transcends age and time and is a lesson for us all that our true hearts desires are never any farther than our own loved ones, whether near or far.