Why do i puke every time i drink a gallon of soap?

Answer Umm probably because its soap??!!! did you ever think that soap is made for your hands and skin and not to eat? im pretty sure it says do not comsume on the bottle!! Umm yes please stop drinking so... Read More »

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Tonight is my night off. Should I drink until I puke?

As long as you are at home and don't plan on driving anywhere. Be safe, have fun, and happy drinking. :)

What if suboxone makes you puke everything you eat or drink?

That's because suboxone is 50 times stronger than morphine. Your lucky you're not dead. Maybe you are by now.

I feel awful but i cant puke how can i make myself puke?

You shouldn't force yourself to, but this is how to if it helps.- Stick your finger down your throat, will cause a gagging reflex and make you throw up.- Drink A LOT of salty water. (I'm not 100% t... Read More »

Is it bad to drink 1 gallon of water everyday?

God bless you as well! How you been?Well, there IS a such thing as too much water. I dunno if a gallon is considered too much or not. Maybe you can ask your doctor?But as far as the bladder goes, m... Read More »