Why do i only eat the marshmallows when i eat Lucky charms?

Answer why is thisi n the vegan cateogory? ansewer that first.

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Where can I get cheap Lucky Charms in UK?

you canttesco have brought out a versionthey are horrible, dont bother buying themyou need to pay the money for them, or do without, sorry

What company makes the cereal lucky charms?

Lucky Charms, a sweetened breakfast cereal, is produced by General Mills. The "magically delicious" cereal has featured a leprechaun mascot, Lucky, since 1964. Lucky Charms was the first breakfast ... Read More »

What color are the horseshoes in Lucky Charms cereal?

Purple horseshoes were added to Lucky Charms in 1984. The cereal, introduced in 1964, originally featured pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. The blue diamonds were added in... Read More »

Lucky Charms Cheerios Or Chex Which Cereal from this list do you like better?

Hi Scooter!I'm sticking with Cheerios! One of my fave breakfast cereals.......