Why do i need to be Bonded license and insured for a house sitting business?

Answer ANSWER by BipolarAttorney 02/05/08 Without knowing the state, in which you are operating, I cannot say for sure, but I am guessing there is not a particular law that requires it, but rather the ind... Read More »

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How to Get a Small Business Insured & Bonded?

If you are just starting a small business, on your list might be getting the business bonded and insured. Some states require that certain businesses be properly insured and bonded. There are many ... Read More »

When starting a small photography business do you need to be bonded and if so how do you go about getting bonded?

Answer If you are starting your own small photography business you shouldn't need to be bonded. When you get larger (if you get large enough) you may wish to consider some sort of professional liab... Read More »

What does bonded and insured mean?

Many companies advertise that they are "bonded and insured." What does this mean? Hiring a company that is bonded and insured provides some level of consumer protection in case the project doesn't ... Read More »

How much does it cost to be bonded and insured?

Many states require individuals to be bonded and insured when performing certain tasks in a business setting. The cost depends on the state, activity, and other factors. For instance, being bonded ... Read More »