Why do i need lots of adderall to help my ADD?

Answer Just FYI, it's not true that you have to wait, whoever said that. Amphetamines work straight away, and do not need to build up in your system. 20 mg should produce noticeable results, depending o... Read More »

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I live in California and just purchased 2 lots in Arkansas and 2 lots in Texas. do I need liability insurance until there resold?

Absolutely! You could be held personally lilable for any thing that happens on that land.

Adderall xr dosage HELP!!?

Maybe you should weigh the side effects of the mind altering stimulants that are a form of amphetamine (which meth and diet pills are in the same family as) On the brain of a 5-7 year old against t... Read More »

Will ritalin or adderall help me study?

Certain things do make a person more 'focused' (is the best way to describe it). But ultimately you remember things more when you have an understanding of them, which only comes from 'studying' ...... Read More »

I need to cry, so i need sad songs, lots of them to!?