Why do i need lots of adderall to help my ADD?

Answer Just FYI, it's not true that you have to wait, whoever said that. Amphetamines work straight away, and do not need to build up in your system. 20 mg should produce noticeable results, depending o... Read More »

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Can lots and lots of milky discharge when you go pee 2 weeks before your period is due be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerdischarge could be a symptom of an early pregnancy, because of your mucus plug beginning to form. Some of this mucus-like discharge could drain. However; the discharge you are experiencing ma... Read More »

I live in California and just purchased 2 lots in Arkansas and 2 lots in Texas. do I need liability insurance until there resold?

Absolutely! You could be held personally lilable for any thing that happens on that land.

Does youtube pays you if your videos have lots of views and you have lots of subscribers?

Yes they do actually, but you have to be a part of the Youtube Partnership Program: few examples of people on youtube that a part of the youtube partnership program... Read More »

Is LOTS and LOTS of discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Possible, take a home test and find out. Postive or negative, you need to call your doctor about being pregnant or exsessive discharge.