Why do i need a sump for my aquarium?

Answer Taking care of fish can be a tricky business, as they require carefully maintained saltwater and freshwater environments to remain healthy. A sump, while not a necessity, is a beneficial tool that ... Read More »

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DIY: Sump Pump Aquarium?

A sump-pump aquarium sits outside the main aquarium and houses your pump and filter. This setup increases the tank's water capacity, which is especially advantageous for saltwater environments beca... Read More »

How to Set Up Refugium With Sump for Aquarium?

A refugium is essentially a refuge for aquatic life forms you want to protect from the conditions and inhabitants of the main tank. Refugiums have a variety of uses; they are ideal for cultivating ... Read More »

Aquarium Sump Sizes?

A sump is a reservoir containing water, which is typically placed below the main aquarium and is connected to it, via tubing or pipe. Sumps increase the overall volume of water in the system and th... Read More »

DIY Four Foot Aquarium Sump Design?

Sump is another word for cesspool and it is an appropriate name for the sump systems that are used to help filtrate the water of an aquarium. This is because dirty water is collected into the sump ... Read More »