Why do i need a broadband card if my laptop has a wireless adapter?

Answer Broadband cards give you the freedom to access the Internet from virtually anywhere that your cell phone provider has service. This does not limit you to places that have Wi-Fi connections.Function... Read More »

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How to Get a Broadband Internet Card for a Laptop Without a Monthly Fee?

Acquiring a broadband Internet card for your laptop usually means you have to sign a two-year contract and pay a monthly fee for every month of the entire two years. However, many broadband provide... Read More »

Is 5GB enough for a normal use on a laptop for broadband access using a USB Card?

I was wondering this same thing, so I asked the Customer Service lady at AT&T on Friday July 11th (when I got my iPhone 3G) how far the 5GB would go. She told me that unless you leave it running al... Read More »

Does Virgin Mobile have a wireless mobile broadband laptop card in the USA?

Virgin Mobile does offer a wireless mobile broadband data card for laptops in the USA. Broadband2Go plans start at $10 for 10 days of service or until you downloaded 100 MB of content (prices as of... Read More »

How to Use Broadband With a Laptop Computer?

Laptop computers provide the convenience of portability while you are working or when you are enjoying yourself. Using a wireless broadband connection allows you to access the Internet at high spee... Read More »