Why do i need a blocking diode on my solar panel?

Answer Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight during the day. But unless a solar panel is fitted with a blocking diode, some of that energy is lost again through the panel after dark. Nonetheless... Read More »

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What is a blocking diode?

Blocking diodes are semiconductor devices that provide “blocking actions” in electrical circuits. Diodes conduct electricity in one direction but not in the reverse direction. Placing a blockin... Read More »

Which company provides solar energy systems in California with solar panel installation?

You can see a list of NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified installers at Using a NABCEP certified installer insures that the installer ... Read More »

How to chager the 12 volt 7.5 ah battery from a solar panal how many hour tha solar panel should be under sun?

The battery capacity is 90 watt hours. Usually batteries are charged at a tenth of their wattage. That means that you need to give it 750 mA for around 15 hours, roughly. 10 watt solar panel wil... Read More »

Does a solar panel need a solar motor to work?

No, in fact it is the other way around, a solar motor generally requires a solar panel to work. A solar panel produces electricity by absorbing photons from the sun. The absorption of the photons c... Read More »