Why do i keep getting "page is not available" when i try to open a site?

Answer Depends on if it's one site or all of them. If it's just a specific site, it could be too busy, or there's not a path to the site, or the page itself may be deleted or being re-written.One way to g... Read More »

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Why do I keep getting re-directed when I click on a web site?

For advertising purpose, Web hosting will do such things......Or else, You would have got malware installed and it is hijacking your browser,install malwarebytes to your desktop , update it, then r... Read More »

Why do i keep on getting Error on page?

Try turning your modem (& router if you have one) and computer off, then turn them back on and try it.

Is there any kind of liner available for boot casts to keep from getting contact rubbing?

If it's the stocking that is rubbing then, there isn't much you can do besides not walking so much. But, is it's the "boot" then you can stick a small piece of gauze by the irritated area. This les... Read More »

Why is my Facebook app for easy access keep getting taken off my home page?

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