Why do i jump when watching scary movies?

Answer Horror films are one of the most lucrative genres of movies, and audiences flock to see them. Patrons of horror movies enjoy the adrenaline rush, the temporary feeling of their well-being being thr... Read More »

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How to Stop Being Scared After Watching Scary Movies?

Ever get a little freaked-out after watching a scary movie? Did that horror flick leave you feeling just a little jumpy? Did that scary monkey from toy story 3 make you jump? Here's how to curb you... Read More »

How to Not to Get Scared when Watching a Scary Movie?

It's very easy to get scared while watching a scary movie, you might scream at freaky scenes, jump at scary noises and freak out after you've watched it. This article will help you calm down while ... Read More »

Movie survey. Which from this list describes you most when it comes to watching movies?

F & G describe me best, am not a big movie watcher, but if something comes on I really want to watch I will record it on my DVR and watch it at my leisure. But if it is cheap enough in the store, ... Read More »

I have a samsung le37r88bd, the picture quality is good when watching hdtv but rubbish when watching normal tv?

There's not much you can do when watching standard definition on a HDTV. It will always be a bit grainy. SD is 480 lines of resolution. HD is 720 or 1080. There's no way to increase SD. You can try... Read More »