Why do i hear a person shouting "my leg" every time i sleep at night?

Answer JESUES. I don't know,u got me worried about u,maybe it's just u hearing voices in ur head !!!!

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How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?

You are constantly being told how much you are hated and not cared for by your parents You can't stand it You fight all the time You cry yourself to sleep every night And you don't know what to do?

Just chill out! talk to your parents and tell them how you feel. If they dont listen tell somebody else in your family ot one of your friends you trust.

Am I the only one that cries every time I hear "One Day at a Time" by the Jonas Brothers?

Magic jack i only hear every other word changed phones lines i even bought mjack plus still only hear every o?

wireless + VoIP = jitter, latency and poor audio connectiontry with a wired internet connection, if still having problems log into the router and make sure SIP ALG is disabled..