Why do i have to turn my tv up loud when watching dvd's?

Answer How is your audio hooked up?Home Theater system?Besides the volume setting on your audio receiver, look for an audio output setting on the DVD player also and adjust accordingly.

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Why when I turn on my computer does it make a loud humming noise It only last a few minutes, but it is loud.?

It may be the fans spinning up and getting warm.It might be the hard drive, but that should only be a few seconds, other than the 'chatter' as it is accessed to start the OS.I would check the fans.... Read More »

Watching DVDs on an LCD HDTV?

Wide screen movies on DVD, blu ray or HD Cable or SAT can still have black bars. The reason? Not all wide screen formats are the same.But before I get into that, get into your DVD player menu and m... Read More »

Is a 23 inch pc monitor ok for watching dvds?

23" is plenty big. also if your planning on getting something that big then your not on a budget, you got some $.

My friend is in the next room, watching Star Trek Voyager in the next room, really loud, while I pretend to...?

I like Voyager I like TNG a lot it was good at the time , to each their own