Why do i have to re-download Adobe flash reader on Mac?

Answer You don't. Who told you that you have to re-download it? You simply do not have to re-download it. Unless you trash the installer, it is still there in your "Downloads" folder.BTW, decide which one... Read More »

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I have adobe reader 9.3.4, do I need this download?

Adobe won't open. Have reinstalled both reader and flash player.?

this is really strange. I've had the exact same problem just over two weeks ago!! when i was installing norton gold edition. Ok, so this is what you should do:1. open the internet explorer.2. click... Read More »

Im having problems trying to download adobe reader. an error message says i dont have permission ?

Make sure you are logged in as administrator or an administrative main account.

Do I need adobe reader 9.2 if I have adobe reader 10 by activex?

You just need the latest version.---Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II daysError, no keyboard - press F1 to continue.