Why do i have to brush my teeth again just because of a little nap?

Answer Becuz your breath stinks after a nap!You need mouthwash or brush your teeth.Your dad is just trying to be polite instead of coming right out and say it.

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How long will I have to brush my teeth for perfect white teeth?

mix peroxide and baking soda together and brush for 3-5 minutes after ever meal as well as before you go to sleep and when you wakeup, this should give you pearly white teeth

I just got my braces off and my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

its just because when he was sanding the glue of your teeth and polishing your teeth he cut your cut your gums,but this is inevidable it happens to everyone who gets there braces off and when your ... Read More »

Is it ok to brush my teeth while taking a shower at the same time just wondering?

Jessica's accident scenario isn't as crazy as she makes it. Brushing your teeth is another distraction under slippery conditions.From a practical standpoint: you'll be wasting hot water. That wil... Read More »

I have just had my teeth done. Are they not the whitest, straightest teeth that you have ever seen?