Why do i have on & off acne?

Answer You are going through puberty, so it's normal for people who a genetically predisposed to acne will have it as a rule. There are things you could do to lessen the severity though.You could do a se... Read More »

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ACNE!! PLEASE HELP!! I have Acne on my face and wanted to know WHAT PRODUCT helped clear it up?

I don't think you can always clear this problem up without good medical treatment. A combination of prescription medications, both oral and topical (applied to the skin) might be just what you nee... Read More »

Hi , i have spots , blackheads and acne all over my face do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Things that may help: - Get a healthy sleep everyday- Take multivitamins (vitamin A), or fish oil capsules help a lot- Get a tan to make it harder to see the acne- Don't use strong soaps, or scente... Read More »

I have a sunburned face and its peeling but have moderate acne?

your best bet would be to use aloe vera gel. but i completely swear by this sooth and unblemish facial regimen. Well, actually, it depends how old you are. I'm in my mid thirties and it seemed that... Read More »

I have acne on my back and I have to swim?

Yes, your teacher is right, all guys need to swim shirtless. You can try using some acne body wash that may help. Plus swimming in the pool will also help clear up your acne. Just remember, many... Read More »