Why do i have dry skin on the soles of my feet?

Answer Some people are prone to dry skin on the soles of their feet. If the bottom of your feet and heels are dry, white or itchy, you may suffer from excessively dry skin.Take Care of Your FeetAge, hered... Read More »

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How to Send Chakra to the Soles of the Feet?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "turning." Chakras are seen as energy centers, which spin and turn allowing the flow of divine energy and power through the body. When all seven chakras... Read More »

How to Moisturize the Soles of Your Feet?

Dry skin frequently occurs on the soles of the feet. This can be dangerous because severe dryness can cause skin to crack and allow bacteria to enter the blood stream and cause infection. Dry feet ... Read More »

How to Put Vicks Vapor Rub on the Soles of Your Feet?

Procter and Gamble’s Vick’s VapoRub is an ointment for cold relief. It appeals to those who wish to use natural methods for relief from their symptoms and would rather not ingest medicines. Alt... Read More »

How to Make the Soles of My Feet Look Soft & Clean?

The soles of the feet are one of the most overlooked parts when taking care of the body. Most forget to pamper the soles of their feet daily. Drying, cracking and bleeding can occur when soles of t... Read More »