Why do i have a cramp by my ribs?

Answer It sounds like a stitch but if it lasted all day, you probably twisted a muscle or a tendant. Doesn't sound too serious!

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How do you get a leg cramp out....?

Any remedies for leg cramp?

This is weird, but bananas always helped me. i just Googled it and i guess this is why. Huh i never knew this.... weird how your body craves things.......WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Potassium plays a cruc... Read More »

I've got a cramp in my neck?

Sounds like a chronic muscle strain. The source link has some pictures of commonly strained muscles of the neck, causes and ways to prevent it. If you can locate the muscle and its pain pattern, yo... Read More »

How do you get rid of a foot cramp?

hi, it happens due to dehydration and reduced calcium count. drink plenty of water. drink citrus fruit juices. Wear soft sports shoes. dip your foot in warm water which should be added with a pinch... Read More »