Why do i get treated differently by my mother?

Answer Likely, it's your age.

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How are men and women treated differently in the military?

Operation Desert Shield started in 1990, the build up of military forces.Operation Desert Storm started on Jan 15, 1991 (some sources say Jan 16 or 17) and hostilities ended about 30 days later, wi... Read More »

Are male and female patients treated differently by physicians?

On One Hand: All patients should receive the same careA physician is required to abide by the American Medical Association's Code of Medical Ethics. As part of the Code of Ethics, "the patient has ... Read More »

If a mother who has been treated for mental illness accuses you of abuse while still in a treatment facility what are your rights?

Answer Unless you bring her home for visitation purposes then you are free and clear already if she is under the protection of a treatment facility. However, if she is in and out of the treatment ... Read More »

What is the best timbet for sheds treated or not treated?

Pore a concrete slab. The 2x4 plates should be pressure treated since they are in contact with the slab. Use untreated fur and exterior ply for the rest.