Why do i get a headache after eating chinese blackbean sauce dishes?

Answer I agree with those who think it's something about the black beans themselves! They certainly seem to be the most likely source of the problem!It obviously isn't the MSG, because that's in ALL Chine... Read More »

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What is the duck sauce used for when eating at chinese restaurants?

I use it for the fried noodles, but my daughter uses it for her eggroll.

How to Remove Red Sauce Stains From Dishes?

Red sauce stains create a mess wherever they land. Cooking with red sauces, such as spaghetti sauce, clam sauce or marinara, are wonderful ways to make a delicious meal for your family, but the mes... Read More »

How to Make Boscaiola Sauce for Pasta Dishes?

Boscaiola is an Italian word that refers to the woods: hence the mushrooms in it. The key to this rich, flavorful sauce is to make it with fresh ingredients -- fresh tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and f... Read More »

Is there any chinese dishes that have cheese?

No, and my Chinese roommate is pretty leery of cheese.