Why do i feel dizzy everytime i get up?

Answer Such head rushes are commonly caused by orthostatic hypotension as in…

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Everytime i drink alcohol i get dizzy and my speech is slurred am i allergic?

you shouldn`t be drinkin that much with all those animals to look after

Why do I feel sick everytime I eat?

you need to change your diet and eat smaller portions.. the processed food you are eating is killing me on more fresh produce that will cut down on the gerd. (among other disea... Read More »

Can you feel dizzy with a concusion?

Since the hit to your head was a week ago, I doubt this is from any concussion.More likely something else. Do you have low blood pressure? Do you get dizzy when you stand up too fast, or all the ... Read More »

Why do i feel like throwing up everytime i eat?