Why do i crave to share chocolate with someone !!?

Answer maybe thats just a turn on for you....everyone has their certain turn on's

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Is it wrong of me to crave chocolate after having my face drilled?

I think chocolate would be perfect for you at this point. You would have chocolate running out of your mouth and down you perfect chin, it would be a wonderful sight to see. Take us a picture and... Read More »

Can someone share a myfreecams premium account with me?

this site is giving away premium accounts

What Causes Someone to Crave Ice?

When a person craves ice this can be an indication that the person is anemic or iron deficient. When the need to chew substances and craving substances that have virtually no nutritional value occu... Read More »

Cute straight hair Someone share your secrets with me ;( lol?

Personally I noticed a big difference in my hair if I blow dry it before straightening it. Make sure to section off your hair before doing so too because it does make a difference. I use Garnier Fr... Read More »