Why do i always look fat in pictures?

Answer I am a professional photographer among other things in the music industry and it depends on who is taking the picture and also how you pose can make you look up to 50lbs heavier than you really are... Read More »

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My eyes always are always shut in pictures!!?

Maybe try composing the pictures where you are not looking directly at the camera. Maybe if you aren't looking right at the camera, the flash will not cause your blink reflex to kick in.Another th... Read More »

Ladies, if you ever look at pictures of models in magazines and feel bad, look here.?

Thank you! It's so hard to be a girl and look at these women who are the epitome of society perfection. Perfect hair, skin, teeth, waist, boobs, everything! And then you look in the mirror and see ... Read More »

Do I look better with alot of makeup or a more natural look *Pictures included.?

You look better natural and makeup is not good for skin anyways you are gorgeous without makeup

This look or that look [pictures]?

I'd go for the fluid liner and the other one is a burgandy color. I still say the fluid liner though.