Why do i always have the urge to sleep with my teachers?

Answer hormones and imagination run riot in the teenage years. its normal to have these fantasies

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I don't get the urge to poop?

You probably need to improve your diet as you seem to have a constipation problem.For constipation, castor oil is very good for a one-off remedy as in… bu... Read More »

What Program Is Urge?

URGE was a joint venture between MTV and Microsoft, offering subscription-based music downloads. URGE launched in 2006 and closed in 2007, announcing a merger with RealNetworks in hopes of becoming... Read More »

What causes the urge to kill?

Really, you put this in infectious diseases, WHAT THE F**K!!! You think being a serial killer is a infectious? You need to go back to school buddy!

What causes the urge to urinate?

From the time you're toilet trained, you know what the urge to urinate feels like. What causes this urge starts at the kidneys and ends at your urethra; the entire area is called your urinary tract... Read More »